Destination Wedding Dubai

Why have your wedding in Dubai

Besides from being one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, having a destination wedding in Dubai also has a number of features that make your special day that little bit extra perfect-

  • Tolerant of all religions – No matter what religion you practise, Dubai will be accepting when performing a ceremony and tailor it to your beliefs to ensure that the marriage nuptials are sacred to the couple and follow their religion.
  • Vibrant Nightlife and Entertainment scene – This is great as your wedding is coming to an end, but everyone wants the party to continue. Guests can move onto the buzzing Dubai nightlife and keep the celebrations alive all through the night – this means twice the fun!
  • Brilliant Airports and Airlines – Dubai is commended for their easy accessibility when entering and exiting the country. This makes it especially convenient for the wedding guests and wedding party when attending the special day as travel stresses will be out of their mind.
  • Glorious weather – Dubai is known for its immaculate weather and beautiful landscapes. This makes planning a destination wedding in Dubai easier as your opportunities for venues is limitless – no need to worry about rubbish weather.
  • Unique and Luxurious – This is the first thing we think of when we think of the glorious Dubai – the style and luxury of the country. If you want a wedding that exudes luxury and class, then Dubai is the destination for you. It is guaranteed to impress.
  • Excellent service standards – The locals working in Dubai at wedding venues and hotels have a passion for great service. This means that they will be more than happy to help on your big day.
  • Award Winning Spas and Stylists – What better way to be prepared for your big day than to be pampered and styled by the stars. Dubai offer luxury spas and award-winning stylists to add that little bit of extra luxury on your special day.

What you should know about having a destination wedding in Dubai

  • Having a planner is the way forward – When planning a wedding abroad, it is important that you have a professional to sort out the affairs abroad to ensure nothing to do with your big day goes wrong. Professional wedding planners’ also have trusted suppliers in each destination that you provide services in, to make sure that no suppliers will back out on the day.
  • Alcohol Laws – The laws surrounding serving alcohol in Dubai are a lot different to those in other destinations. This means that hotels are popular venue choices in Dubai as they are one of the only places that can legally serve alcohol. Usually, couples choose to have both their ceremony and reception in a hotel as it makes drinking alcohol easy and the one venue is cheaper in a package deal.
  • Hot Season – In Dubai there is such a thing as too hot. During Dubai summer, the heat isn’t ideal for a wedding, so I advise that peak wedding season is between May-October. This ensures that the heat doesn’t interrupt your special day.

Why choose Alia Kilani

I am a professional wedding planner with 17 years experience in the travel industry, making me the perfect choice for your destination wedding in Dubai. Contact me today to discuss your desire for a wedding in Dubai.