Having a luxury venue at your wedding can transform the day and put the cherry on top the cake when it comes to your theme. It is important to consider how a luxury venue would fit with your theme. Are you having a beach wedding? A royal gala theme? Or an outdoor soiree? – Then you need to carefully consider all of your venue options. The venue holds the key to your events success as it is the largest (quite literally) part of the day and will hold your ceremony and reception.

Outdoor Luxury Venues

Are you dreaming of a wedding with the wind blowing through your hair and the sound of nature all around you? Then it is time to consider a luxury outdoor wedding venue to make your day magical. Highlights of an outdoor wedding venue are – 

  • At One with Nature – When your wedding is outside you are exposed to all the elements. This means that you will have the beautiful summer sunshine, the sound of singing birds, and the beautiful radiant outdoor lighting.
  • Natural Elements – When having an outdoor wedding, you can harness the natural elements of the outdoors by incorporating it into the wedding décor – this includes seasonal floral arrangements, foliage décor, and natural woven ceremony arches.
  • Spacious venue – The outdoors has little special limits and endless possibilities as you can arrange your guests and décor in any way throughout the venue to best suit yourselves. This means there is a lot of flexibility surrounding your outdoor venue as there is more leniency towards décor changes as it is a blank canvas

Extravagant Luxury Venues

Extravagant luxury venues are a young girls princess dream. This is an iconic wedding venue choice as a lot of people fantasise about having lavish, beautiful weddings. Do you dream of sparkling chandeliers and champagne fountains? Then a luxury venue is the perfect choice for you –

  • Fairy-tale atmosphere – These types of wedding venues are grand and luxurious, and will definitely make your guests say ‘wow’ as you make your grand entrance. They are based off of childhood dreams and fantasies where every bride longs to be a princess on her special day.
  • Everything can be grand! – A luxury venue can be conveyed into every aspect of your wedding. Think 8-layer wedding cake, 2 wedding dress, and a full orchestral wedding march! After all, you only have this day once and you want it to be extra special and blow everyone away.
  • Make you guests feel great – Everyone wants their guests to have fun at their wedding and be a part of the special day. So why not show your guests a lavish time from start to finish. From decadent invites to beautiful wedding favours.

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