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August 4, 2020


The Symbolism of Wedding Floristry.

Are you currently in the process of planning your wedding day and you are looking for some inspiration regarding your flower arrangements? We want to give you an insight into the flower displays, arrangements and bouquets we offer. In addition to this, we will provide you with the symbolism behind the colours and display of the bouquets. Every colour has a deep, meaningful story behind them and we’re going to give you an insight into the meaning behind them.

Choosing your wedding flowers can be difficult and to many, it is one of the major decisions to make before walking down the aisle. We want to teach you about the meaning behind each flower in the hope that we can help make your decision much simpler.

Carnations are beautiful flowers which have a diverse representation dependent on the colour of the flower. The pink carnations represent boldness and passion, whereas red represents love and affection. These stunning flowers are a statement to your wedding day and the perfect flow choice, available all year round.

The Cornflower is the ideal flower for your wedding day as it indicates relationships and prosperity. This is what your wedding day is all about and is perfectly executed through the flower arrangements. This is a great choice for your bridesmaid bouquets as it strongly reflects friendship and connections. These flowers can come in very tranquil and delicate colours which can be precisely implemented throughout your wedding day.

Peonies have a diverse meaning constructed on the colour of the flower, but as a whole, the flowers represent good luck, hope, love and admiration. Pink Peonies are highly popular for wedding bouquets and represent good luck and prosperity elements. In addition to this, red peonies represent passion, love, respect and honour. Overall, the message which the flowers portray is not only strong but reflective on what your wedding day is all about.

 The Dahlia signifies strong connection and commitment which is the perfect message to subtly portray within your wedding day. These flowers represent a bond which lasts forever, this bold statement piece is great for your summer wedding. This is the perfect flower for your corsages, as the statement piece reflects elegant style and grace. This can be carefully integrated into the centrepieces or even wedding bouquets to reflect the ongoing theme. The Dahlia is a flawless statement piece which can be united from the centrepieces and follower arrangements onto the cake as the perfect decorative piece.

Gardenia is one of the most beautiful wedding flowers and very popular for centrepiece displays. If you are looking for a sophisticated and delicate flower arrangement, this is the ideal flower for you. Not only are the flowers gorgeous but the scent they leave behind is out of this world. This very natural colour Pallett consisting of creams, whites and ivory’s plays a huge part in the flower’s class and complexity.

For further information regarding the flower arrangements we provide, please contact us today concerning your enquiries. We want to work with you to create the most magical day of your life, we believe this all comes down to the small details and we can bring your wedding day to life. My Dubai Wedding Planner can help you today for further information, get in touch.

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