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June 11, 2020
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September 18, 2020

Home Floral Designs – Alia Kalani

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, or wanting to decorate your home with some beautiful floral designs? I’m Alia Kilani and not only do I have a background in wedding planning, but I’m a professional florist here to create the most beautiful pieces for you. Today I’m going to be talking to you about the different style of home floral designs which you can go for, in addition to this I will be offering my expert advice on how to style these beautiful bouquets in the heart of your home.

Let’s discuss the different types of flower arrangements available.

The Fan Shaped Flower Arrangement, this is a very popular flower arrangement, a very traditional and one of the most commonly used classic flower arrangements out there. This arrangement consists of the flowers and greenery being presented like a fan, the colour of the flowers is down to the individual florist. One way to fill the empty spaces in the arrangement is to add a pop of colour to bring the bouquet to life.

The Vertical Flow Arrangement, this is a very popular arrangement which consists of a combination of different types of flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours. If you’re looking for a statement piece either for a small wedding ceremony or to have in your home, this is the perfect option for you! With the correct colour scheme, this can be extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Leave it to the professionals to create the masterpiece.

The Elliptical Flower Arrangement, if you’re looking for a statement bouquet offering a pop of colour into your home, this is a great option for you to go with. This arrangement is where the flowers are arranged around one focal point. Usually, a mixture of different flowers and greenery will be used to create this look, for any further information get in touch today! More often than not, these bouquets are seen as a great birthday/wedding gift. There might be someone special you have in mind, this could be the perfect gift for you to give.

The Triangular Flower Arrangement, this look is very self-explanatory, the flowers are arranged in a triangular shape. Usually consisting of one dominate flower at the centre of the arrangement, and from here the rest of the flowers stagger in a downwards angle. The bunch of flowers are cut precisely to make sure the triangular look is clearly presented. A great gift to give to one of your loved ones.

Foliage is a great way for you to introduce a deeper textual appearance to the bouquets. This can come in many different shades and is a great way for you to tie in some Deere colours, to create all bouquets, table centrepieces and any bespoke designs. If you’re looking at add some natural elements into the centre of your home, then this is a great way to do so.

You might be looking for some beautiful flower arrangements to display in the heart of your home, or you may be having a very small wedding ceremony. If you’re looking for any of the services listed about, please get in touch today! I want to bring a bundle of luxury to you, if you’re looking for the ideal gift for your loved one, I can help you today!

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