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February 26, 2020
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May 26, 2020

5 Things You Forget When Planning Your Wedding 

When you start planning your wedding, there’s no denying that at times the whole thing can get overwhelming, trying to juggle organising the wedding with your busy work schedule and family life. Focusing on the main elements of the big day can consume all your energy, whilst also getting caught up on organising and allocating job roles to family members, it’s easy to forget the small details which make your big day special.

An Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Weather your feeling under the weather or have spilt red wine down your mother in laws dress. A wedding day emergency kit is essential when planning your big day and making sure it runs smoothly. This kit can be filled with all sorts of essentials such as Paracetamol, Plasters, Double sided tape, Tampons, Deodorant and many more essential bits. This can then be kept in the restrooms for guests to use as and when they please. Small details like these all help your wedding day flow naturally.

Preparing for the morning of your big day.

When organising your wedding day, your energy is focused on the main events and making sure these run as smoothly as possible. It’s your wedding morning, and you want everything to go to plan. All the small details add up to make the day special. One thing a lot of people forget is something to wear whilst getting ready, perhaps matching with your bridal party. We suggest getting matching robes, something to have as a keepsake from the day.

Creating all of your prints and reviewing them before the big day.

From save the dates to the wedding menus, reviewing all of the print outs is essential before the big day. Providing your wedding party with RSVPs not only informs them about the plan of the day but will give you more of an idea who can make it and what kind of numbers you’re expecting form your guest list. Adding a personal touch to the place settings at the reception will make your special day memorable to them and give you a chance to thank your friends and family for coming to your special day.

Golden Hour!

Want the perfect wedding photos to remember your special day? Make sure you schedule in allocated time to capture your picture perfect moment. Sunset is the perfect time for photo opportunities, so make sure you and your photographer know the exact time for sunset so you can capture magical pictures of your big day!

Kick off your shoes, and party the night away!

There’s nothing worse than breaking a heel, or not being able to dance the night away because of the shoes you’re wearing. A good idea is providing flip flops on the dance floor which allows your guests to let loose and get dancing.


Unlike any other wedding planners, we offer a bespoke flower design bringing your ideal flower arrangements to life. Whilst also being there every step of the way, planning your wedding and budgeting to the venue search and making sure your big day runs smoothly. 

We take pride in our customer satisfaction, our job is to help you plan your wedding day and make sure each detail of the day runs smoothly. All of these small details add up and make your wedding day perfect! 

If you don’t want to forget any of these, hire our wedding planner if you need help planning your perfect wedding day. Please get in touch with our team today!

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