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May 26, 2020
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How To Keep Costs Low With A Destination Wedding Planner.

Have you always wanted to get married abroad? Now the time has come around for you to get married, the costs are way out of your budget and your dream seems out of reach. Don’t stress, first things first establish your budget and from here the planning can begin to fall in place. Are you looking for a wedding planner who will help you every step along the journey to your magical day? 

Our team would like to work with you to ensure your wedding day goes perfectly and is full of beautiful memories that you will treasure forever. We will bring our experience, support and our professional opinions to ensure your dreams are brought to life and recreated on your wedding day. 

Our services will take the pressure off you which will allow you to enjoy the whole process, from the initial stages of planning right through to the moment you walk down the aisle. Are you looking for help with planning your wedding and correctly balancing your budget? We have some top tips for you to keep costs low with a destination wedding planner.     

When planning any wedding it’s important to establish your budget, if you choose to get married abroad you will need to factor in all the costs such as the hotel, the flights, reception, and the individual costs you’re asking your guests to spend. 

Once you established a budget, this is where the fun can begin! When working with a strict budget it’s important to define the difference between what is essential to the wedding day and what seems unnecessary and can easily be taken off the list. From here you can begin to focus on the necessary parts which will allow your day to run smoothly. You need to prioritise the aspects which are most important to you, cut the areas which don’t have any significance and increase spending on what means the most to you.

It’s important to know your location when planning a destination wedding, the venue is the most important element of the day which needs to be budgeted correctly. Getting married abroad is very popular and what most people dream of, but the cost and reality of getting married abroad seem too far from reality for most couples. 

For example, destinations such as Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii and many other long haul destinations aren’t going to be cheap. Take into consideration many different locations and see where suits your budget the best. It’s important to research the seasons of the destination you have chosen, this will be a huge factor when planning your big day. 

Do you want to make the most out of your wedding budget? Talk to our team today who will teach you to utilize the budget to its maximum, our team are experts who can reduce the cost of your destination wedding! Feel free to contact us today, our team is here to help you to plan your big day!

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